Lake Greeley Camp Technology Policy

The following message is one that is focused on the current philosophy of Lake Greeley Camp regarding technology and the camp setting. It is a growing and evolving space, much like technology in general, but this writing is our focus on our interaction with technology, what it's place is in the camp setting, and why we feel that our stance is one that will bring benefit to all those at Lake Greeley Camp.

The technology policy that we are adopting for this year in 2015 is one that we want to discuss with others, so if you have any questions, concerns, or would like to simply discuss the points of the policy, let us know. You can call our office at 570-842-3739 or you can email us at

Dear Camp Parents,

For more than 10 years Lake Greeley Camp has proudly identified itself as a technology-free summer camp where cell phones and other electronic devices with the ability to access the internet have not been permitted. Promoting this environment is an important characteristic of the camp. We strongly believe the presence of these devices impedes a camper’s ability to develop self-reliance, independence, and social skills, and further prevents them from recognizing the unique nature of the camp setting that is so different from the “home-and-school bubble” they experience ten months of the year.

Why are our summers unplugged?
• To promote the social bonding and connection that is integral to our camp community
• To allow campers to fully explore and enjoy all the offline activities available to them
• To give our campers a true break from the technology-heavy world they inhabit the rest of the year
• To protect our campers from inappropriate material
• To protect our campers from making choices or posting inappropriate material that could negatively impact themselves or others

Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, in recent years campers of all ages have increasingly come to camp with electronic devices containing apps, movies, video games, and the capability to communicate with the world outside of camp. The proliferation of built-in wireless technology has made it increasingly difficult for Lake Greeley Camp to define a consistent policy allowing some electronics while prohibiting others. For that reason, we have made a necessary change to our policy regarding electronic devices. This summer, Lake Greeley Camp will be a screen-free environment. The only electronic devices allowed will be screenless music players (e.g. iPod shuffles, basic MP3 players, CD players) and digital cameras. All other music players, ebook readers, portable game devices, and video players should remain at home. Camp is one of the few places where campers can truly unplug and experience personal growth as a result. We have, therefore, made this decision to both honor and recognize this space.

Please do not permit your children to take any of the following items to camp:
• Cellular phones
• Video players of any sort
• Any electronic device capable of internet access
• Tablets, netbooks, and laptops
• Portable game devices: PSPs, Gameboys, etc.
• Walkie-talkies

Violations of our technology policy by a child or parent will result in the confiscation of the electronic device. It will remain in the possession of the camp until the end of the camper’s session, at which time it will be returned. In addition, please understand that Lake Greeley Camp is not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen electronic equipment.

We firmly believe that our policy regarding electronics will make for a happy, active, and engaged summer for your child. Rest assured, that the camp staff including your child’s Division Director, are readily available to respond to any of your concerns and communicate with you throughout your child’s stay.

If you have any questions concerning this policy, please call us at 570-842-3739 or email us at


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