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So you are looking for something that your son or daughter can do in the summer months when there is no school? Just when looking at time alone, it’s amazing to see how much of the day that school and its associated activities occupy during the rest of the summer.

However, summer rolls around and then, BLAM!, all this time suddenly becomes available. There are those times where a sports team or other extracurricular will have practice times during the summer, but these usually don’t happen to the end of the summer months in beginning to middle August before schools start in earnest at the of August or the beginning of September after Labor Day (give or take time based on what state you are from). Now, while I can certainly understand that some people will read that and think, “Well, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. We are running around so much that having some time off and not having such a set schedule where we constantly run from one thing to another would make for a good balance.” I use the operative word “balance” because that is what we need to be conscious of in that drastic shift from busy, busy, run, run, got to go, etc. to “What am I having for breakfast?” I believe that summer camp can strike that balance we are looking for.

If you can imagine a pendulum of a grandfather clock swinging from one side to the other, we’ll move from our very busy school schedule to, essentially, nothing. Time is open to us, but, usually, in that openness, the pendulum swings too far and goes into the extreme, and we end up not doing anything but watching re-runs on TV or playing on the computer or the phone. Unfortunately, we meet extremes with their counterparts so as to try to find that balance between the two actions. So the sweet spot that we are looking for is somewhere in between those two extremes: the heavy schedule of school and the malaise of summer. Summer camps provide those characteristics necessary to put it right in the center, the perfect balance.

There are many summer camps in the United States, and there are still a lot in the Northeast alone. Everything from sleepaway (residential) camps, overnight camps, YMCA camps, and even schools have gotten into the mix with offering different kinds of programs. As you could probably imagine, there are a lot of different schedules that comprise these different camps. Not one schedule could work at every kind of camp (you might want to look at our first post regarding Camp Personality.). But the schedules are, more often than not, filled with different activities, meal times, when curfew is for campers of different age groups, etc.

“Wait a minute, now, you said that camp schedules were about finding balance, and this list sounds like I should be just back in school.” Yes, there are many things to try to fit into a camp schedule, and it does seem quite busy, but the difference here is that these events are centered around YOUR enjoyment of doing them. These events are trying to take out the “I have to go soon for volleyball practice” to “I don’t want to be late for ________, Mike is teaching today and he said he has something special planned” or “I can’t wait for _______ later, there is a superhero theme where I have the best idea of what to do.” These are events that do not seem like requirements that you NEED to do; rather, they events that you WANT to do. There is an excitement for what will be happening when you get there. The summer camp schedule has caused a change in how you view the activities in your schedule. Again, we are trying to take the NEED out and put the WANT to in.

Scheduling has become a stressful activity in itself for the past several years. You would think that with more gadgetry and automated processes, there would be more free time available as the time needed for these activities would decrease. Instead, we appear to be cramming as many different activities as we can into our schedule for whatever reason. This creates an ever-growing want to slow down. Summer camp and its scheduling are designed just for that purpose. Combining the aspects of a retreat and activity, the result would be summer camps. At summer camp, we want you to be able to let go, and you are able to do that, not necessarily by sitting and staring at the sky all day, but by going to your favorite activity, being excited for who you will see, and wanting to be there with them.

I hope you enjoyed this edition of The Greeley Bubble on “Why you should consider summer camps.” Balance is incredibly important in what we do on a daily basis and for maintaining a happy, healthy life. That is why I focused on that particular point for this entry. If you would like to submit a topic for discussion, let me know at mattb@lakegreeley.com. Thank you for reading and, until next time, stay balanced.

By Matt Buynak Jr. (4/4/14)

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