Note: An example used in this writing may be a little too intense for children and young adults. Please use discretion in reading ahead.

Our minds play an all important in how we see the world around us, how we inhabit it and how we are able to affect it on so many levels. I have written in previous blog entries on the Greeley website about certain topics regarding the brain, and how we are able to try it in order to make ourselves perform at our very best, or how we are able to interact with it, in a sense, with our dreaming capacity. How we perceive the world around us is only one side of the coin, I feel. Whereas the world can act more on us and how we feel, and lucid dreaming is a way to work with ourselves in our own minds, is there a way to project our thoughts, expectations, and beliefs into the world, the reality that we inhabit? Is there a way of instead of having events and effects come from the outside and into our experience, can we have our experience affect the outside reality?

Now, don’t misunderstand the subject that I wish explore in this topic. This isn’t something like, you can throw a fireball from your hands, if you just think really hard on it and believe you can. What I am looking to explore more today in this topic is how we can change our beliefs, our expectations of something and, due to those changes, it affects how we then act in the world around us. This is something that must be grounded in reality and not so much fantasy. While it is fun to fantasize every once in a while and “dream big” so to speak, it appears that more and more the real world demands our full attention just so that we can do our chores, finish our work, focus on the hobby you really enjoy, etc.

At this point, I would like you to watch a little bit of a video from Youtube featuring a very interesting and special group of people known as Marathon Monks. Watch from the timestamp for about 1 minute. In the video, there is a section of the documentary where one monk who is undergoing an amazing journey is talking about his mental state during this process.

The Marathon Monks is a group of monks in Japan, and the reason why they have the designation “Marathon” is because part of their order goes on an incredible journey, called the Kaihōgyō, over many miles over a period of 7 years. That’s right. The Kaihōgyō takes place over 100 days for 7 years, and on each day the monks who undertake this journey must walk a distance of many miles (or Kilometers). And in addition to this undertaking, they are still expected to perform their regular duties at the temple where their tradition originates. Talk about demanding! Traditionally, those who are unable to complete just one section of this journey MUST take their own life. As a result, the path that the monks travel has unmarked graves of past monks who were unsuccessful in their training.

From this section of the video, I believe an important aspect of the monk’s mental state is revealed. Notice how he says that he must believe he can finish the course. At no time is there a chance for a negative thought to enter his mind. He believes that if he begins to doubt himself, then at some point he will fail, which will then mean his taking his own life. This is an example of how important a person’s mental state is and it affecting their actions and their world around them. Because the monk has such a strong belief that he will finish the course, his body and mind will then overcome whatever difficulty it faces in order to achieve that goal.

If you take this kind of thinking into our comparatively less dire reality, I think you can see how strong the power of one’s mind can have an effect on the world around you. Much like the monk, you have the ability to perceive success with the thoughts in your mind in order to achieve success through your actions. Your mind is directing your body in the direction that you desire it to go. I have mentioned before in another blog posting that it appears that the body seems to go through auto-pilot at points during the day. It’s as if you are unaware of what is actually happening around you and only wake up to reality at certain moments. Maybe that is when something is out of place than usual. Maybe something startling happens to you quickly, so you react to it. Maybe you are enjoying the moment so much, you find yourself wishing that time would stop.

I believe that when you are able to direct your thoughts into these strong beliefs, beliefs that seem to fill up the entirety of your mind, your actions bring you naturally closer to that goal. Using the monk as an example, his entire mind was focused on finishing his journey, no matter what difficulties his body would encounter. There was no giving up, there was no quitting. Sure, failure in this case results in the extreme of him taking his own life, but he does not even consider that as a possibility. Since he directs his mind to block out those thoughts, there is no chance of it coming to pass. It’s just not a part of his reality.

Beliefs play a strong role in how the mind behaves and computes information. But how exactly does a belief begin, what creates that groundwork, the base for the actions the body takes. There are many resources that people can use in order to right their mind, or get it on the right track. I’ve talked about a few of them previously, and one of those methods is one that people usually attest is the strongest method of changing your mind to make it believe something. That method is visualization. For a desire to change something in the mind, this method focuses solely on the mind and allows you to create that goal, that finish you desire. It allows you to truly answer the question, “What do you want?” Is it to run that extra mile in practice, lift a little more weight on the bench press, or is it to ace the math test that is coming up next week? Any of these and more are worthy goals.

As a brief overview of visualization, it is the process of creating a picture in your mind and holding it in that place for some length of time. The stronger that you are able to “see” the picture, the more directed your mind and body will be toward that goal. And it’s not just about creating a picture for your eyes. You can use all of your senses to get the strongest effect possible. There are people who say that the subconscious communicates best with these mental images, and by communicating with yourself on a deep level, you show how important this particular goal is.

To summarize, the goal of this post is to make you more aware of your own thoughts and beliefs. While you may not exactly be “aware” of every second of the day, if you are able to better direct your thoughts and how you wish to behave, your body will follow suit. But first, you have to show yourself what that means exactly. “What do you really want?” Create a mental picture, a blueprint, for your mind to follow. Don’t worry about the how to get there. Remember, we’re on autopilot so many times it seems, and that is when we’re not worrying about the how, so it is possible to be done. Trust yourself and trust your mental picture. When you begin to do so, you begin to believe.

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By Matt Buynak Jr.


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