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When it comes to overnight camps, children can have a very difficult time to acclimating and integrating into the activities and community of the camp. This difficulty can manifest in a myriad of ways, but most commnonly children will experience homesickness, fear, restlessness, and a sense of being isolated from others. Sometimes, this feeling can become so strong that it directly interferes with the child's stay at camp, leading to the child not being able to complete his/her stay at camp. The last thing we want to see is a child fail to stay their full session at camp. Rather, we would love to see kids extend their stay at camp because they are having such a fun and awesome experience at camp. So, what can we do for kids who want to try to give overnight, summer camps a try?

Enter Pioneer Days

Pioneer Days are Lake Greeley Camp's way of incorporating prospective campers into the program of a summer day's worth of activities so that they can experience what camp has to offer for themselves as a sample. We think that once children are able to experience camp and see what fun they are able to have while at camp, they will be more inclined to want to give a session a try.

When are Pioneer Days (being updated for 2018)

Pioneer days are scheduled on specific days for Lake Greeley Camp because of the schedule that we run during our summer. We want to give interested children a chance at trying everything camp has to offer and that means scheduling them on days where we have the most activity. The dates for the 2018 Summer Season Pioneer Days are being scheduled right now! We'll have some more information coming out about them very soon.

How are Pioneer Days Run?

Campers who are taking part in Pioneer Days will be able to follow around a camper or group of campers of a similar age and see how they experience camp right from their perspective. Pioneer days will start in the morning at 10:00 AM and will conclude in the afternoon at 4:00 PM. We will have an orientation for both the campers and parents at the start of the day which will help acclimate all involved in what will be going on for the day. And while campers are off experiencing the daily camp life, parents are able to meet with staff and speak with members of the staff so that they become accustomed to Lake Greeley Camp as well!

Who can participate?

We have Pioneer days open for campers between the ages of 6 through 12. That would include campers who would be in our Junior and Intermediate divisions while at camp.

Why Pioneer Days?

We think that both potential campers and parents will be enriched with the experience that they would have during our Pioneer Days. An experience at summer camp is something that can bring so many benefits to a child's life not just in the immediate future, but also into teenage years and beyond. This is a time that we feel is incredibly important to the development of a child, and we want to help spur this development for your child.

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