What is the first day like at Greeley?

Lake Greeley Camp welcomes many new campers to experience summer camp for the first time. These children range in all the ages that we accept, some as young as six and some as old as 15. These children also come for a variety of sessions for their first time. One point that is always asked about, no matter, what age or what session is "What is the first day of camp like?" Coming into this new experience can be daunting for anyone, so we'll try to alleviate it with what you can expect when you come to camp for that first day.


We welcome campers and their families to camp four times during the summer, one for each of our arrival days. And every welcome is full of energy supplied by the counselors and other campers who are in camp during the year. We want you to feel a part of the Greeley family as soon as you arrive and we want to show you the spirit of what makes Greeley and the people who come to Greeley special.

Car Arrivals and Unpacking

Most of our domestic campers will arrive by car and we welcome families to camp in order to settle their children in cabins and help them set up their belongings in whatever cabin they will be staying in. Parents will also spend some time setting up optional activities with our parental permission forms, put money into camp bank, and set up phone calls in our gymnasium. What parents miss, it seems, is that these points are all things that parents can do from home online or before coming on their first day with their child(ren). Not only will it save time from waiting in the gym, but it will also allow you to spend more time with your child and helping set up their living area.

Campers Arriving Through Other Means

Campers will arrive not just by car but by airplane and bus. Each mode of transportation is listed below:

  • Airplane - Those campers who arrive by airplane will be met by Lake Greeley Camp staff at whichever airport you had signed up for. The staff will make sure that all campers are accounted and assist those campers, as needed, with their baggage. Once everyone is settled and the group is ready to leave, they will then go back to our camp van vehicles and begin their journey back to camp. We will communicate to you when your child has been met by camp staff through a phone call or email. Once the group makes it back to camp, depending on time, we will either do our check-in's, described below, or go to our cabins and go to bed for the evening.

  • Bus - Those campers who will use a bus to get to camp will be met by camp staff who will help them with their luggage and getting that luggage to their cabin. They will meet their counselors and division director while getting settled. These campers will then move right into our schedule with their cabin group for check-in's, described below.

Checking In and Orientation

After all of the campers have moved into the cabins and the parents have said their good-bye's, we will have a flagpole meeting and properly welcome everyone to camp. From flagpole our groups will split up and go to several areas including the pool for a swim test, infirmary for a health check-in, and our picnic area to receive their Lake Greeley Camp T-Shirt. The groups will rotate among these three areas for the afternoon. If there is any time left in the afternoon, we can open up our activities for campers to attend.

The Evening And Into The Schedule

After the afternoon has concluded, we begin our camp schedule with dinner, our evening flagpole and our welcome campfire. Once these events take place, we have begun our normal schedule and will progress through the next couple of weeks. And so begins our camp session!

SUMMER: 222 Greeley Lake Rd, Greeley, PA 18425 p. 570.685.7196
WINTER: P.O. Box 219, Moscow, PA 18444 p. 570.842.3739

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