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Lake Greeley Camp pottery, ceramics

Our many creative art programs offer the perfect opportunity for campers to explore and expand their horizons. The staff at creative arts activities focuses on the pursuit of personal creativity as well as project orientated work. Campers are able to learn new mediums, styles, techniques, etc., so that they are able to express their creativity in new ways.

Arts and Crafts

Our arts and crafts program is led by an experienced and qualified staff members who want to bring out the creative sides of our campers. It is said that every person can be creative; they just might need a little help in realizing their potential. Our staff members in the Arts and Crafts program see that potential. The program offers a wide variety of activities such as painting, drawing, crafts, cartooning, hemp, lanyards, tie dye, and bead work. All of these items are available every day for campers to use.

Pottery and Ceramics

Nothing is more rewarding than the finished product that you molded with your own hands, fired in our kiln and painted with every detail at our pottery and ceramics program. Our skilled staff guide campers through the preparation, construction, firing and glazing process to create a truly unique piece of art. After finishing their pieces, campers are encouraged to bring them home and share their creations with family and friends. The program offers instruction in the use of different techniques such as coiling and the extremely fun potter's wheel. The pottery activity is offered daily so there's plenty of opportunities for those interested to get involved every day.


Digital photography is just one part of Lake Greeley Camp’s photography program. Campers will also experience photo taking, picture manipulation and development. The traditional methods of photography are not lost at Lake Greeley Camp. The photography instructors teach campers all the processes regarding the picture taking process, from finding just the right angle to picture development in our very own dark room. The camp offers a fantastic environment for any budding young photographer to develop their skill.


'One small step, one giant leap for campers.' Our campers have their very own chance to reach for the stars in our rocketry program. Under the supervision of a staff member, campers have the opportunity to build their own model rockets. When all the campers have completed their rockets, the group will get together and celebrate their accomplishment with a lift off of every camper's rocket.

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