Lake Greeley Camp Skateboard Drop In

Whether you're dropping in to the halfpipe for the first time or an experienced rider looking for big air, Lake Greeley Camp's 12,000 sq. ft. skate park has it all! Packed with rails, halfpipes, wedges, quarterpipes, fun boxes and transitions that are smooth as silk, our park has become the envy of skating enthusiasts throughout the northeast. Even with all the elements we have, skateboarding at Lake Greeley Camp is more than just ramps.

A staff or accomplished skateboarders and inline skaters provide the instruction that help our campers develop their skills, improve their technique and deepen their appreciation and knowledge of the sport. Riders from beginners, who are taught coordination and balance, to more advanced riders, who concentrate on perfecting a tail tap or axle drop, learn at a pace that is comfortable for them and with no time constraints or pressure, riders are able to continue their practice and focus on their goals.

The skate park is supervised at all times by the skatepark director and other counselor staff instructors. If you are interested in participating in the skatepark program at Lake Greeley Camp, you will need to wear safety equipment consisting of a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, and while we do not require riders to wear wrist guards, they are highly recommended. However, you will not need to purchase equipment as Lake Greeley Camp offers this safety gear at the activity site. We also understand that you can be used to your own equipment as well, so you can definitely bring your own gear. Skateboards are also provided.
skatepark layout

SUMMER: 222 Greeley Lake Rd, Greeley, PA 18425 p. 570.685.7196
WINTER: P.O. Box 219, Moscow, PA 18444 p. 570.842.3739

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