Elective Program
For campers entering 5th grade and above Lake Greeley Camp offers an elective program. This is operated in our daily program allowing campers of a choice of over 60 activities for the six periods. The program is 100% personal choice on the camper's behalf.

How does the program work?
Our daily elective program offers the camper free choice each and every morning during the selection period. Each camper is provided with a personal blank card on which the camper will write the activities they want to participate in for that day. Each day can be a different experience! This provides our campers with a chance to pursue personal hobbies and also new experiences. The Program staff is on hand throughout the whole morning to assist with camper's selection.

Elective Form
Our Elective form is an optional form for our parents and campers to complete. Each activity is open to every camper. However, if a camper wishes to participate in an activity period for a guaranteed amount of periods they have the elective form. There are three options on this form. A cannot do list, a simple selection of activities that the camper is required not to participate in. A check box for swim instruction, a camper will automatically be scheduled for swim instruction without the option to drop. Finally a camper may select an activity as their major interest. This will also be scheduled automatically without the option to drop. The great thing about this form is the parental control it offers.

Parents and campers can sit down together and discuss what would be beneficial to the camper. Maybe there is a particular sport that the camper is interested in, or maybe there is an activity that is completely new. Parents have the opportunity in assisting in the structure of their camper’s summer. We believe this is the most effective way of taking advantage of all the different activities Lake Greeley Camp offers. No matter what your inetrests may be, there is an activity for everyone.

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